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Thank you for visiting the New Authors page of The Transparent Publishing Company. We specialise in publishing books specifically for the electronic books market, mainly for global distribution on the Amazon Kindle system.

If you are a new author, an established self published author, or an existing published author with a new work, we can help you.

Our core service is provided on a commission only basis, so that unlike most other publishers, we do not ask for cash up front. This is assuming your work is relatively short (e.g. under 150 pages and 10 chapters), on a Word or PDF document, and all graphics files used in the book can be supplied.

You will also require a cover design for the book, which we can supply at a small initial outlay.

We will then:

  • Format your book for the electronic reader device (e.g. Kindle);
  • Provide you with an ISBN;
  • Advise you on an optimum price strategy;
  • Upload your book and cover artwork to a global platform e.g. the Amazon website;
  • Provide you with an Author’s page on our website;
  • Promote your book with links through the Transparent Publishing Company website and the Yerton Dreamhouse website;
  • Promote your book on Amazon through the Kindle Select facility, Amazon Prime and the Lending Library system;

This process can usually be completed and your book will be on sale on a global platform within two weeks. No initial capital outlay is required as we work on a commission only basis taken from the royalties received. You will receive a quarterly statement and payment by an agreed method within two weeks of the end of each calendar quarter.

In addition, we can also offer the following premium services for which a cost would be incurred.

  • An author’s WordPress blog website and email package using our own web hosting company – Yertonhost;
  • Cover design and artwork assistance;
  • Print on Demand physical copies of your books for your own personal use or resale;

We hope that our services interest you, and if so please do get in touch with details of your work. Send us an email to sales@transparentpublishing.co.uk or complete the form below.

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